Nguyen Kim To Lan

Nguyen Kim To Lan – Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City

Nguyen Kim To Lan graduated from the Lacquer Department, Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Art. In community-based projects, she is interested in sharing between participants through interaction, collaboration and invisible connections.

Mobile Garden Unit

Enpowerment & creativity workshop at Loc Son Primary School II

Bao Loc is a green town. Most families live by agriculture. Children are used to this, and perhaps with regards to plants they have even more knowledge than adults from out of town. This workshop functioned as an introduction of their lives and land to us—the visitors—and linked into the existing knowledge of the school children, which could be presented in a creative context.

Each child in the school was asked to bring their favorite plant from their home garden to school on Saturday morning. Over the course of three Saturdays, they worked together to create a garden in the school yard. They discussed their plants and how to care for them. The workshop is also functioned as a symbol of collective work in harmony.

For the closing party event, the plants were carried one by one to the warehouse and installed there by the schoolchildren. They were then returned to the school, where they will enjoy a big, stable and long life in the school-yard.


Many thanks to Tran Minh Duc, Phan Chi Mai, Nguyen Tan Dat, to the school staff for their sincere support of this project, and to the children for their enthusiasm.