Ngo Dinh Truc

Ngo Dinh Truc Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City

Ngo Dinh Truc is an artist whose area of concern is photography as a means of visual representation. To this problem he brings his training in photography and his work as a freelance photographer. He has produced several bodies of work in which he has appropriated his own commercial photography, superimposing his own texts over the images. Cung Giong Voi Nhau (2006) was a public art project in which city walls in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi were covered in 6000 posters each during night-time poster ‘raids’.

Ngo Dinh Truc was one of the winners of the Young Artists Grant Program, 2005, administered by the City of Melbourne. In 2006 he was artist-in-residence in the Asian Artists in Residence Program, Cheongju, Korea during which time he created Picture Menu where he collaborated with three local restaurants that do not use English on their menus. The resulting menu posters were an exploration of art in the public realm and the intersections of art and life. He presented these projects as a part of his talk for the Bao Loc Project.

Ngo Dinh Truc is visiting lecturer in photography at the Ho Chi Minh City College of Cinema and Theatre. He studied at Ho Chi Minh City College of Culture & Art.

Mobile Studio


Ngo Dinh Truc invited twenty workers from ACOM, together with his project assistant Chung Quoc Hung, to participate as subjects in Mobile Studio. They selected a setting in which to be photographed, be it in their home, a favorite spot in Bao Loc, or at their workplace. At the appointed time on the day of each shoot, the artist arrived with his lighting equipment, which he and his assistant set up. Directing the participants to adopt a suitable pose for the setting, he worked with the directional artificial lighting to create a ‘beautiful photograph’.

The aim was to provide participants with an insight into the labor-intensive process involved in creating a beautiful photograph, which can take as much time and attention as creating a painting or any other kind of artwork. The artist wanted the participants to feel close to art and to awaken them to the practical benefit of art in their lives, through the enjoyment of the creative process.

At the end of the project, each of the participants received a copy of their photographs.


Many thanks to project assistant, Chung Quoc Hung & co-ordinator, Nguyen Thi Hanh Tam.