Nguyen Kim To Lan

Nguyen Kim To Lan – Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City

Nguyen Kim To Lan graduated from the Lacquer Department, Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Art. In community-based projects, she is interested in sharing between participants through interaction, collaboration and invisible connections.

Pink Project

Community-based relational project

Pink is a color which can brighten anyone’s life, and which can brighten the town of Bao Loc. What kinds of things are pink or can be pink? How far is the color pink accepted in daily life? What can pink symbolize?

Pink Project focused on communication and interaction, on innocent and optimistic views, memories, and cheerful things—the kinds of things usually associated with the color pink. Approaching young people and exploring the possibilities of encounters, the artist tested the playful possibilities and the potential for co-operation between people, for expanding friendship, hidden charm, belief and dreams and the expectations of each individual.

The artist worked with fifteen participants of different occupations and ages whom she had met by chance wandering around Bao Loc. The project brought back reminiscences of youth when people were willing to open their hearts and receive kindness. Indeed, the extent to which participants were willing to be open created natural boundaries for the scope of this project.

The process culminated in a Sunday morning picnic by the edge of Bao Loc lake. Everyone brought thier favourite pink objects. All the participants and their close friends were invited. Curious passers-by also became incidental participants. People made new friends, talked about pink, wrote in an autograph book, and took souvenir photos. These materials were distributed to all participants at the conclusion of the project.

Photographs and objects from the event, and outcomes of these encounters, whether thoughts or objects, were displayed by the artist in an installation format for the closing party.

Making aquaintance with project participants allowed the artist to be privy to intimae opinions and feelings. Reserved or self-conscious attitudes were also expressed about this strange event.


Many thanks to Tran Minh Duc for his enthusiastic collaboration, and to the help of Le Trong Duong.